Welcome to Lane and Lane!
Here are some samples of our most recent music.

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Lane and Lane

We are a songwriting and production duo called Phil and Jane Lane. We both write and arrange whole songs and all parts of them. Jane is an extremely prolific writer of all genres and writes to order. Phil also writes, but is in addition a high calibre creative producer.

As a team we have had three significant recent projects.

The first was Henry's Machine, a series of standalone tracks featuring singers Kerri-Anne Collins, Jenni Lane and Sam Gomm, supported by Jane and Phil, which completed in 2015 and had a few performances.

The second was Hookstick, a virtuoso based band with a joyful set of tracks in a genre we came to call pop funk. This again feature Kes, with Jane and Phil, joined by Tom Stedman on guitar, Jonny Welburn on drums and Rachel Townend on bass. Hookstick launched in 2017 and again toured briefly.

The last project has been Fluance, a prog. rock based band featuring Duncan Mackay on keys, Phil on vocals, Jane on piano, Marty Prior on bass and Jonny Welburn on drums. We write to order, Jane in particular, and are happy to hear from performers who need fresh bespoke material or would like to take on one of our tracks.